Bold product design & high-intensity gaming

Available all over the world, but unique to your home

How would you like a machine which can transport you to another world in just a few seconds? Combine the nostalgia of cult games with the adrenaline rush of the latest generation of gaming products; add in your own design, and you get a unique product, which is specific to you.

The only manufacturer in the world to deliver this level of finish, Cabseller tailors its products to the lifestyle environment of its clients, from Paris to Dubai and from Courchevel to Shanghai.

Its limited edition products are found in private spaces: chalets, apartments, hotels, chateaux, character properties, etc.


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Thank you for your work. This is a beautiful product and very easy to use – fun for everyone.

Frederic Ferrando

I have just installed the machine, which is superb and works perfectly.

Thank you again!

Silvano Capogrosso

In the end, the wait was nothing in comparison with the beauty and versatility of this product.
Not to mention the nostalgia of revisiting games from the 1980s, 1990s or 2000s.

Sylvain Lafontaine

The quality of manufacture is unrivalled – the few weeks of waiting were made worthwhile by the arrival of this magnificent machine, which is even more beautiful than I had hoped.
In addition to the genuinely high-end overall appearance, it is the quality of finish which is truly striking.
This machine is built to last. The staff are extremely helpful, and fully-focused on customer service.
I would recommend having one of these at home, 100%.

Sébastien Donati

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