The passion of an entrepreneur and designer

Previously a foreman in the shipyard repair sector, Eric Thomas-Garnier is the designer of a unique model on the high-end games market. Firmly rooted in the traditions of craftsmanship and customized engineering, he is committed to the production of high-quality pieces.

The origins of the project

“When my son approached me with the idea of producing a high-quality games machine in the vintage tradition, I had no idea how far this adventure would take us. Coming from a professional precision engineering background, I was able to realize this project and to expand it over the years”.

The development of a brand

« I started out on this adventure in 2011 and, against all expectations, I had a prototype ready within 6 months. After much consideration and further work, I achieved significant progress in the technical development of my project, resulting in a “finished product” which fulfils my self-appointed objectives: exceptionally high quality (with an unparalleled finish and robustness), high performance capabilities and entertaining qualities, which are essential for a games machine. I have now made a strategic change of direction to pursue this adventure alone, whilst remaining true to my original convictions».

The age of maturity

« For many years, my raw materials were timber, metals or electronic components. I have drawn upon this working environment and these organizational skills to create unique models, which I am now proud to market both in France and abroad, as 100% French-manufactured items».

The realization of a dream

« In the eyes of my clients, I often catch a glimpse of the magic of a dream brought to life. These are exceptional objects, which are tailored to the specific features of locations and ambiances. For some, visual and aesthetic appeal takes precedence over the functions of the game, while for others the adrenaline rush of pleasure is key – each according to their preference. The combination of high-quality raw materials and state-of-the-art technologies is the primary feature of our original creations ».